maandag 15 april 2013

Premiums on silver skyrocket

With the 10% smackdown of silver today, the premiums on junk silver skyrocketed to 25% (Chart 1). The disconnect between the physical market and the futures market is reality. The 10% drop in the futures market coincides with a 10% rise in the premium. That means that the physical market is completely ignoring the futures market right now.

Some of the junk silver bags are even sold out on APMEX.

EDIT: now the bags are all sold out.

EDIT 2: now all 90% junk silver bags on APMEX are out of stock.
The premium on the First Majestic Silver shop on silver jumped to 25% too.
Chart 2: First Majestic Silver premium on silver

APMEX premiums skyrocket to 20% (Chart 3).

Chart 3: APMEX Silver Premium
EDIT: and now they are out of stock:
Figure 1: Silver American Eagle out of stock
Meanwhile, Shanghai silver premiums are going to a high of 5% (since I monitored it) and 1% for gold.

I don't think these premiums are sustainable at all.

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  1. Do you have any idea who is wiling to buy at 25% premium to paper?

    1. I have no idea who does that, but the fact is that it's sold out.